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First up… What is The Write Lifestyle?

The Write Lifestyle is both the name of the magazine, this website, and a concept. The concept that writing is not just a hobby or an interest, it’s a lifestyle. Writers typically have a bunch of things in common, and we celebrate that culture and lifestyle in the magazine.



Where did the idea come from?

Oscar Wilde Quote WritingSo many people “want” to write, and feel great when they get to it, but they don’t know how to make time for it. Or what their writing outlet is going to be. Or in what medium they’re going to get published, if that’s their goal. The Write Lifestyle is part-inspirational (which we ALL need!), part-instructional, to help writers on ALL ends of the spectrum get closer to their writing dreams and aspirations.

Who is behind The Write Lifestyle?

We’re a small team based here in Seattle, as well as a bunch of fantastic, wonderful contributors from across the world.


What’s your inspiration?


Those are the feelings and energies that we put into everything we create with The Write Lifestyle.

As for inspiring folks, we love us some Oprah, some Richard Branson, as well as a bunch of other fire starters around the world. Brands? We admire the spirit of Apple, of Mini Cooper, of Warby Parker. Places that influence our style are the independent spirit and calm of the Pacific Northwest / Seattle area, the buzz of Tokyo, and the blend of sophistication and humor in London!

Why did you decide to create a digital and tablet magazine?

The Write Life Magazine on the iPad | The Write LifestyleDigital books have taken the world by storm in the last 3 years, and we see the same thing happening with digital magazines. We love that mobile and tablet magazines are fully interactive, so that if you read about a product, book, or person, you can click right through to a website, purchase the book right away, or go follow someone on Twitter. You can listen to music while you read, watch videos, and really see the articles and essays come to life through multimedia.

We also wanted to create something valuable and life enhancing for you to do on your tablet / Smart phone other than browse Facebook (again) or check email! :)

What kind of content can I expect to read?

Everything you care about as a modern day writer – from food, music, and technology to books, words, careers in writing and trends in publishing. My favorite features are Coffee Chats in Coffee Shops, Kids Write the Funniest Things (hilarious!), So You Wanna Be a…, and Words from Another Era.

How often is the magazine published?

We publish bimonthly, with shorter content and issues available to subscribers in between. You’ll be notified through the app you download on your iPhone / iPad, or through our newsletter. On this site, expect blogposts, free PDFs, video interviews, and other writing-related goodness.

How / where can I read the magazine? How much does it cost?

The Write Life Magazine on the iPad | The Write Lifestyle


On your iPad ($2.99 / issue, $12.99 / year subscription)
On your iPhone

The web version can be read on your desktop or browser. It’s free, but we do accept (and love!) our supporters!

Apart from the magazine, what else do you provide?

Quite a lot! Check out all of our offerings here. We’ll also be hosting webinars and classes soon.


Who is Laura Pepper Wu?

Laura Pepper Wu, Editor at The Write Life Magazine

Thanks for asking! Laura is the founder of The Write Life Magazine, Ladies Who Critique, and this site (and ok, ok, the author of this bio… I’ll switch to first person now!) I got my start writing non-fiction, reference, and magazine pieces, and I’ve been published on Forbes, Forbes Women, American Express Online, and several national magazines (in the US, UK, and Japan.), I’m also ~50% through writing my first fiction novel, so I’m well and truly on this writing journey with you too – and often need all the inspiration I can get :) Check out for my professional portfolio or please say hi on Twitter @LauraPepWu.


Welcome to The Write Lifestyle!