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Why we are no longer supporting Kindle & Android – and here’s how you can keep reading!

Hi Write Lifers :)

It’s been 6 months since we launched our first issue of The Write Life Mag, a passion project we felt compelled to create and deliver to as many writers and wannabe writers as we could. After months of development we delivered that first issue – What Writing Means to Me – and right from issue 1 we knew we were on to something. The reaction was fantastic and we were thrilled to reach so many writers from over 50 countries across the globe!

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However, we are still a very young company, and there is only 2.5 of us working on each issue :) After a bit of trial and error and several months in a row of crunching when each deadline was upon us, we decided we needed to take a step back and work out the best way to create and deliver the magazine without suffering from burn out. We soon realized that the technology we’ve been using to create the magazine is fantastic, but it’s also very time and resource consuming. To produce the Kindle and Android versions requires a lot more time than we expected, and our download numbers suggest that 90% of our readers are on iOS. In addition, we noticed that the app crashes on these devices far more than on the iOS.

So, we’ve decided to do what’s best for both us and you, and stop publishing the magazine on Android devices. While we realize this is very frustrating for those of you who found us on Android/ Kindle, we don’t feel that the quality we are producing is good enough, and we don’t want to frustrate you with a less than stellar product.

So, please bear with us while we work on finding the best technology and way to create the best magazine we can moving forward :)

In the mean time, the best thing to do is to sign up for our mailing list. By being a list subscriber (it’s free), you will get sent a PDF copy of each issue, available to read on your PC or Mac. This means that it’s free and available to everyone with a laptop and PC. We’ll also still be producing an iPad and iPhone version for our readers who have the Newsstand App on iOS devices.


That’s all for now folks! We thank you again for supporting us ’til now, and going forward. In 6 months we’ve reached 12,000 readers, something we’re thrilled about. So, write on!


Again, to sign up for your PDF copy of each issue, see this form.

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