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Why The Write Life Magazine is now available for your desktop (the PDF version lands today :))

It’s been 11 weeks since we launched the magazine, and the response so far has been fantastic! I’m so, so very grateful for each and every social media mention, app review, and email with feedback for us that I’ve received. Thank you!! I’m committed to making the mag as fab as possible – I know we have a long way to go but we’ll get there! :)


Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 11.18.18 AM

One of the requests we’ve been getting over and over again is for us to release a version of the magazine for desktop browser. Not everyone has access to a smart phone or tablet, and if you only have a smart phone, then I know it might not make for optimal reading experience – especially if you have funky eyesight like moi.


While I strongly believe that the magazine looks and functions  best on the iPad and other tablets, and I love the interactivity of iPad magazines, until tablets explode I think it’s important that we fill the gap as best we can in order to reach writers who don’t own a smart phone or tablet, or prefer to read publications on their laptop or desktop (sneaky work break anyone? It beats checking Twitter again :))


 Issue 3 of The Write Life MagazineSO! As of today, I’m happy to announce that issue 3 is available in PDF format. It’s not AS visually gorge as the tablet version IMHO, but we’ve given it our best shot to convert as well as possible.

Once we gauge the response of the magazine in PDF, we’ll decide whether to proceed publishing issue 4 and 5 this way too :) So watch this space!

In the meantime, grab your PDF copy by signing up to The Write Life mailing list for free here – you’ll receive notification of new issues and the magazine in your inbox (for free) each month.

Thanks lovely! Now you have yourself a wonderful week.

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p.s. Again, that link for free issue notifications is here.


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