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What’s new with you? (Your chance to shine)

Readers News for The Write Life Magazine


Your news may appear in the next issue. Leave a comment, or email the editor at the address above. Thanks!

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One thought on “What’s new with you? (Your chance to shine)

  1. Hi, Laura! I was altogether elated to see the ad for ‘The Write Life Magazine’. Early in my career, I relied on ‘Writer’s Digest’ for community, tips, tricks, trade waffle and the like. That was over 20 years ago. Numerous novels, a play, and several short stories later, here I am.
    Still poor, still anonymous basically, inhabiting that grey, mucky zone for writers who MAY have failed, but don’t feel FINISHED yet.
    I don’t care for some sort of loser label because—though I’ve not yet achieved the level of income, recognition and security that are my goals—but I guess after 13 novels sold and miscellaneous other notches in the handle of my frontier .45. Looks like I’m stuck with ‘being a writer’, any way you slice it.
    But here in the Muck Zone, between publishers, mired in chronic illness and the great & terrible NW Monsoon, life could be rosier.
    I’m likely over my word-quota already. I’d like to say loquacity is my fault, but I fear that it is, more accurately, simple verbosity and no more.
    Thanks for this gift to all the writers with access to the Net! I’ll profit from it, you can rest assured. And I will be back, if this first splurge doesn’t result in my being purged from the system, hohoho.
    Ciao, Bruce King

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