The Heart Button

The Heart Button

Writing has aways been a way for writers to express themselves and communicate with the world. Wouldn’t it be great if the world could also respond to the writers in return? We wondered “how do we enable that in The Write Life magazine?”

We came up with a simple idea – the heart button <3

TWL Heart Button in Adobe Illustrator

At the bottom of every article from issue 2, we add a heart button, similar to the like button on Facebook. Instead of simply liking the article however, when you tap on the button, we attach a short Tweet with the author’s Twitter handle, so that you can quickly say a few words to the writer of the article.

The @ mention mechanism then notifies the author on Twitter. It’s a great way to let an author know someone appreciates his or her writing, and allows the author to reply on Twitter and open up a two-way communication with the readers.

Quick, simple, and frankly, who doesn’t love the heart icon? :)

The Write Life - Love Button Example

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