Reader of the week: Vy Chazen


Name: Vy Chazen

Current location: Morton Grove, IL (suburb of Chicago)

About yourself:

I’m a secret introvert that makes more money as an extrovert. My daughter and husband are the loves of my life. I’m a serial hobbyist just finishing my first year of violin. I have an on/off switch for serious and fun Vy. I think everyone should do what they love but never forget their responsibilities.

What kind of writing do you do?

I’m the Social Media Guru for and apart of my job  is to aggregate and write fun and informative blogs on a variety of topics. On my own time, I write a Jane Austen blog ( and a personal blog (

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on a how-to manual on building a website/online community in the day. At night, I work on my novel edits. Mostly rewriting the opening chapters several times until I fall asleep.

How did you find out about the magazine?

I stumbled on The Write Life Magazine while looking for writing magazines on my iPad. I’m glad I did!

Favorite feature?

I’m a bit of a techie so I enjoy reading Brandon Wu’s Tech Resources. I also like when The Write Life interviews writers in coffee shops. 

Favorite place to read and write?

I’ll read anywhere, but in the spring I enjoy reading while I take a cool evening walk with my family. Luckily my husband makes sure I don’t fall.

Writing dream/ goal/ fantasy?

I told my Mom I was writing a novel and she said, “Yeah right!” (which I hope was her being playful.) So I said, “Mom, I’m going to write a book so good that Hollywood will buy it and they will beg me to star in it and I’m going to win an Oscar and I won’t thank you.” So I kind of have to make that happen sometime in the future. But really, a dream would be if my novels paved the way for Asian-Americans to have a modern presence in American Lit.

Drink of choice?

Iced chrysanthemum tea. Lightly sweet and very cold.

Favorite blog?

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