Reader of the week: Jillianne Hamilton

Each week will be featuring one The Write Life Mag readers in a Q&A to get to know them better. This week we talked to Jillianne Hamilton from Canada! Interview conducted by TWLM intern, Morgan. 

Jillianne Hamilton


1. What kind of writing do you do?

I’ve dabbled in a lot of different areas. I studied Journalism in college, I’ve done a fair bit of blogging, interviews and two internships at newspapers. I had a humor essay published in an anthology this year and I’ve been writing fiction since (as my mom puts it) “before I could write.”


2. What are you working on right now?

I’m currently working on a fiction novel- part comedy, part women’s fiction. I also blog at and, but not nearly as much as I should. I also write a lot of to-do lists. haha I’d like to someday delve into comedy non-fiction and historical fiction.


3. How did you find out about The Write Life?

I found out about the magazine on Twitter or through 30 Day Books, I’m not sure. I’m a Laura Pepper Wu fangirl and am totally jealous of her talent and ambition. I now have a monthly treat to look forward to when I get the notification that a new issue of The Write Life Magazine is available.


4. What’s your fave feature?

My favorite feature is “Coffee Chats in Coffee Shops” because I really like discovering processes other writers go through. I also adore “TV Scripts We Wish We’d Written” (I’m a bit of a TV binge watcher) and “Tech Tools and Resources” (so helpful!).


5. Where is your favorite place to read or write?

I usually read in bed or on the sofa in the living room on the sofa, or in the big armchair next to the record player. I don’t have a laptop so I write on my iMac on my big corner desk in my bedroom. It also doubles as a sewing desk and craft supply shelf. I’m trying to write on my iPad more, but I’m always distracted by the games I have on it. (Tsk tsk, I know.)


6. What is your writing dream/ goal/ fantasy?

My writing dream would be to have at least one book published- traditionally or self-published. I’d like people to be able to read my work and hopefully be temporarily amused. I’d like to be able to hold MY book in my hands and see it on my bookshelf. That would be lovely.


7. Drink of choice?

I don’t drink too much, but I like a glass of sweet white wine occasionally or a fruity cocktail. While I’m writing, I like to drink canned Coke for that little boost of caffeine.


8. Favorite writing blogs or sites? (obvs) (that chick is hilarious and adorable) (his books are great too) (I especially love the monthly cover contests. I’m a graphic designer in my 9-5 life, so cover design is important to me.)

And Vine. Seriously, people, it’s awesome. Join Vine.


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