Reader of the week: Faye Reah

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 9.09.17 AMFaye Reah comes from Springfield, MO, and writes scholarly works as well as fan fiction. We asked her to tell us more about herself!


1. What kind of writing do you do/ (or want to do?)

Since I am an assistant professor in the Department of Nursing at Missouri State University, one of my responsibilities as faculty is to develop scholarly works.

The type of writing I want to do, though, is more revolved in fan fiction. After watching TV shows (or movies), or reading other works of fiction, I start writing about alternative scenarios. After writing the alternative scenarios, I use this as a creative writing prompt to change the whole story line that makes it different from the original story. Voila, a new work! However, my creative writing endeavors always take a back seat to my research projects.


2. What are you working on right now?

I am currently writing my research report for a summer research grant funding that I received from the College of Health and Human Services of Missouri State University. For the creative writing side, I am working the 3rd chapter of my fan fiction.


3. How did you find out about the magazine?

I always search the newsstand of the App Store for new and interesting magazines. At that time, I was searching for any writing magazines, and I found The Write Life right on the day that it was launched. [Ed. note: yay! So happy you did!]


4. Favorite feature in it?

Writing Bootcamp. My current creative writing project is based on the first writing bootcamp of The Write Life Magazine. It’s been fun working on it.


5. Favorite place to read and write?

I never steer far away from home. I wish I went to a coffee house to read and write, but really, I just read from either my Mac office (in the masters bedroom) or my PC office (guest bedroom). If my husband and I aren’t fighting for the iPad, I read and write from the bed.


6. Writing dream/ goal/ fantasy?

I’d like to publish my fan fiction turned original storyline into an e-book. I don’t dream big. I don’t even have to have a lucrative publishing contract. I just want to share my work to the world. Later on, I hope to write a textbook/scholarly book in nursing, but I’m not yet sure what I want to write about.


7. Drink of choice?

A steaming hot cocoa…especially during cold winter nights.


8. Favorite blog?

I’m a big fan of personal finance blogs. I read The Simple Dollar and Wise Bread to learn more about frugality, savings, and basics of investing.

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