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Poppy Figures It Out: Laura’s WIP

It feels a bit weird to be sharing my own work in progress here, but many people have asked what I’m writing. I thought it would be a good idea to share a little about my book so I can point people in this direction when they ask. Below is the blurb for my current novel, along with the link to my first chapter which I’ll be sharing online as I write it. Thanks for your interest!

Untitled design (4)Genre: Chick lit with a paranormal element.


Poppy Edenfield’s LA-famous psychologist parents have always been a bit crazy and overly involved in her life, but recently they seem to have taken their meddling experiments to the next level. At least that’s her theory, because dead relatives don’t just show up from the grave. Or do they?

When the spirit of Poppy’s Grandfather suddenly shows up at her door, he has one last request; for Poppy to prove his innocence to her Grandmother, who believes he betrayed the whole family and the city of Los Angeles before he died. He won’t be able to rest without this, and it seems that Poppy is the only person who can expose what really happened in this world-famous and highly-publicized crime.

Poppy on the other hand has all sorts of life troubles of her own going on, and little time or interest in fighting crime and digging up family drama again. She’s enrolled in a university degree that she despises, with no idea what to do with her life after her impending graduation. Her relationship with her parents is becoming more dysfunctional as they put the pressure on her to take over the family business. And to top it all off, her hot Brazilian boyfriend turns out to be less than the perfect guy she had thought he was, too.

Will Poppy be able to prove her Grandfather’s innocence and reinstate his memory by facing one of LAs most powerful and scary families? Or will she risk her safety, her family, and their reputation in the city of Angels with no reward?

You can read the first chapter on Wattpad or 20 Lines