My confessions: Why telling secrets makes you a better writer

cover-1536x2048Taken from Issue 9 of The Write Life Magazine: The Confessions Issue!

Some brave folk stepped up to the challenge of sharing their confessions for this issue. I applaud them for their vulnerability, and thank them here for gracing the pages with honest revelations and juicy professions. You’ll read the rants of a retailer, a humorous anecdote from a call center operator, the admission of a literary writer who “cheats” on her genre, what your yoga teacher really thinks when you skip final resting pose (!) and plenty more.

So what place do confessions have in a writing magazine? For me, the best writing comes from a place of baring the soul, of utter honesty, and from emotions that are spilled on to paper with style. It’s a good reminder for us all to look deep within for our next writing piece.


“All art is a kind of confession, more or less oblique. All artists, if they are to survive, are forced, at last, to tell the whole story; to vomit the anguish up.”

― James Baldwin

As the editor, I feel I should lead by example with a few confessions of my own. You and I are friends by now, right? I can tell you things and you won’t judge me too harshly, right?!

Either way, here goes. Nine of my confessions for issue 9 ☺

1. I don’t like the beach. I fear this sounds boring and unadventurous but it’s the truth. You can take me to the mountains any day, but I’m just not crazy about the sand and sea.
2. My favorite film is Love Actually. I watch it around Christmas every year and cry my eyes out with homesickness and a full heart. I wait with impatience to see Hugh Grant’s fantastic dance scene and squeal with delight before joining in.
3. I’ve already picked out my children’s names (and middle names) and I sometimes pretend my dog is the little boy. That seems extra weird when I write it down.
4. My biggest fear is earthquakes. I often freak out when a bus drives by and makes our apartment shake.
5. I believe in guardian angels – and I’m writing a novel about it.
6. I have a soft spot for George Clooney and an adverse physical reaction to the sight of Brad Pitt.
7. I love wedding speeches. They are by far my favorite part of the wedding.
8. When I first adopted my dog, I spent the first three days fearing I had made a huge mistake. And then I fell head over heels in love with him and we’ve never looked back. I’m embarrassed to admit how much joy my dog brings to my life.
9. I eat peanut butter right out of the jar almost every day. It’s a cry for help, really.

I feel lighter already!

What do you have to confess back? Come on, you owe me one!

Enjoy the issue and all those confessions (, and don’t forget to…

Write on!



Laura Pepper Wu is a British writer living in Seattle. She’s the founder and editor of The Write Life Magazine, the co-founder of 30 Day Books: an independent book studio, and Ladies Who Critique, a match-making website for critique partners. Outside of all things wordy, Laura loves spending time with her husband, friends, and dog in coffee shops and parks across her beloved adopted city.

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2 thoughts on “My confessions: Why telling secrets makes you a better writer

  1. Wow. Those are exactly the kinds of things I hide :) If it makes you feel any better, I eat peanut butter out of the jar, too. I do like the beach, as well as the mountains, but I HATE HATE HATE to travel. I know right now traveling around the world is the thing everyone is supposed to do. I’d rather impale my writing hand with a giant butcher knife. I also have a very strong negative reaction to Brad Pitt. Also to Matthew McConaghey, whose name I probably can’t even spell. Love this post!

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