Making a Full-time Living from Self-Publishing – 6 Lessons Learned, with Lindsay Buroker

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goblin-pic_biggerLindsay Buroker is a full time indie fantasy and steampunk writer (aka Goblin writer – hence the pic on the left!) I’ve been a fan of Lindsay’s blog for a while, and she has some fantastic advice on marketing books on Amazon and beyond. Earlier this year I read her reflective blogpost ‘3 Years of Self-Publishing, 2 Years of Writing Full Time, and Lessons from 2013‘. It’s a great read and I knew I wanted to dig deeper on many of these points.

So, that’s exactly what we talk about in this interview! Lindsay’s 6 lessons learned from 2013. By the way, in the post there are 7 lessons. We didn’t cover lesson 1: Fiction for middle-grade and younger remains a tough sell in the e-book world simply because I wanted to make this interview relevant for self-published fiction authors of all genres.

Here’s what we discuss in this interview…

– How to build this base of dedicated readers? 

– Giving a book time on the market before giving up on it or making hasty decisions regarding series-potential.

– Theories on why glowing reviews don’t always make for a best-seller and the book that gets hammered hardest might just sell well.

-If you publish something in a different genre, you risk displeasing people who prefer the old. Tips on avoiding/ handling potentially displeasing readers.

– A mid-list author with enough titles out can make a nice income from writing.

– Paying attention to foreign markets, and how Lindsay’s international sales grew last year. Her perma free strategy in Kobo and Apple stores and future plans for translations / promoting work in foreign markets.


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Tweet: Sometimes books with the worst reviews sell the best. @GoblinWriter theorizes why:

Tweet: “Throwing stuff at the dart board and seeing what sticks is helpful.” @GoblinWriter on publishing success


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4 thoughts on “Making a Full-time Living from Self-Publishing – 6 Lessons Learned, with Lindsay Buroker

  1. Awesome points. I don’t *quite* make a full-time living from self-publishing…yet. But I’ve discovered the hard way that everything you’ve said is quite true. Well, I don’t write middle-grade fiction. But leaving a book on the market is excellent advice and spot on. And yes, the book that gets hammered the hardest might outsell everything else. I’m glad to know that what I’ve learned is not a fluke particular to my experience.

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