Issue 9: Confessions is out today!

Issue 9: Confessions.

Why theme this issue confessions? Well, we believe that the best writing comes from a place of vulnerability and openness. So to encourage you to go deeper, several readers and writers contributed their secrets to show you how it’s done.

Including essays on: feeling like a failure, confessions of an American living in a small British village, what your yoga teacher is really thinking when you leave class early, how a retail manager deals with awkward customers, and plenty more. I’ve contributed my own confessions too, which made me very nervous to hit publish this time!

There’s also a giveaway, video interviews, and our usual writing inspiration weaved into each page. 

To help us keep the lights on and the coffee pot full, the App Store version is only available to subscribers. Thanks for understanding, and if you can, for supporting us! :) If not, the web version remains free.


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One thought on “Issue 9: Confessions is out today!

  1. I have a huge crush with the magazine, website and everything about it! Not to mention the cutey/inspiring style and the quality of the articles. Thanks for making it for free it is a great gift. My confession is: I admire your work so much!

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