Issue 6 is here! An Ode to Words.

The Write Life Magazine, An Ode to Words This issue, An Ode to Words, features: Demetri Martin, Nicole Hardy, Lynn Daue, Michelle Goodman and many more.

By the way: We’ve been working on revamping the app over the last 8 weeks,  so it may look and feel a little different to the last 5 issues. Because it’s a short and sweet issue, this one is 100% free. Go get it!


Nicole Hardy Author of Confessions Here’s a teaser from our Q&A with Nicole Hardy, author of Confessions of a Latter Day Virgin. Her interview is a great read for anyone who aspires to write but hasn’t quite pulled the trigger yet. Inspiring stuff!


I always knew I wanted to write. My first memories are of being drawn to the act of putting words on a page, telling stories, and reading them. But in college, and for the five or so years after, I caved to the well-meaning, experienced advice-givers in my life who spoke the truth: writing isn’t practical; doesn’t pay the bills for anyone but a lucky, rare few; is a long shot for even the most talented and tenacious.


I wish I’d had the guts, back then, to say, “So what?” In my early twenties I assigned my high school students the poem Dreams by Langston Hughes, during a unit on The Harlem Renaissance. I remember thinking about how best to hold fast to my dream, and convinced myself that not pursuing it would preserve it—which is true, if cowardly.


It took a few years but I eventually embraced “so what” as a mantra: So what if I try and fail? So what if what I love and the way I make money aren’t one and the same? So what if I feel like I’m already too far behind? I began to chase the reality of that first fundamental, soul-deep desire—and found, no surprise, that even its inevitable, continual disappointments were better than the dream of writing held at bay.  

Read the full interview in issue 6 HERE. Nicole Hardy photo credit: Dawndra Budd.

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