electrician working on electrical pole

Doubling Your Earnings with Skilled Work

More than 20 percent of college graduates are underemployed, and less than half earn over $30 an hour. However, tradies are bringing in the money, with hourly rates going as high as $70. Top earners are earning double the average

special child

Children with Special Needs Express Themselves Through Dance

Dance is one of the most versatile forms of art. It is used for physical activities, celebrations, performances, or even just dancing silly around the house. There are dance routines that make the audience cry, and there are dancers that


Violin Lessons for Adults: It’s Never Too Late to Learn

Many adults shy from sharing their desire to learn to play the violin or any musical instrument because of the stigma associated with being an adult learner. Some would outright discourage them, saying that it’s harder for adults and that “you


How To Be the Friend a Depressed Person Needs

Mental health problems are often overlooked by friends and families because their symptoms are not always obvious nor easily determined. In fact, it is not advisable for people to self-diagnose their mental state because it could lead to misdiagnosis and

Nutritionist with fruits and juice

Why You Should Hire a Nutritionist

You have heard of celebrities hiring a nutritionist to oversee their eating habits and encourage a healthy lifestyle. However, rich people are not and should not be the only ones having access to a nutritionist. A nutritionist is an individual

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