Call for entries: Beyond the Pen Issue (Special issue coming Oct 2014)

Call for entries: Beyond the Pen Issue (Special issue coming Oct 2014)

Every October we publish a ‘special issue’ – last year was our ‘blogging’ issue, the most popular issue to date! This October, we’ll be publishing a ‘best of’ issue featuring our favorite apps, tools and resources in the writing and publishing space.
Beyond the Pen The Write Life Magazine
‘Beyond the Pen – The Write Life Magazine’s Top Writing Apps, Tools & Resources.’

We’ve decided to honor services in Five Categories:

1. Publishing platforms
Any service that allows writers to publish their work. It could be a micro publishing platform, an eBook publishing solution, or anything else that allows writers to share their work with the world.

2. Mobile and tablet apps
An app for iOs, Android, Windows, or all three that makes writing either a) more fun, b) more productive, or both.

3. Writing software
This is a separate category from above as we look at software specifically developed for desktops.

4. Online writing communities
Any community that encourages the writing process in a supportive and productive way. This might be a forum, a newsletter, a writing prompt site, or a blog.

5. Publishing start ups
Who are the guys out there starting a revolution in the writing and publishing world and making it more fantastic for the rest of it?

We’re going to spend the summer playing around and analyzing these tools and services (so fun!) In the meantime, if you think we should know about an app, start up, community or platform please nominate your favorite service here. Self-nominations totally acceptable, and nominating should take ~3 minutes. Thank you!

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