Big news: We are now The Write Lifestyle!

Ooh lala… The Write Life Magazine is now The Write Lifestyle!

So what happened? Here’s a little back story for you…

We started out as an iPad magazine in 2013, and thanks to being featured in the ‘What’s Hot’ section in the App Store consistently for 12 months (and counting), we are lucky to have a loyal group of readers finding us solely through iTunes on their iPhones and iPads.


Word grew fast though and more and more readers wanted us online – so we began producing a web version of the magazine a few months later. As we’ve begun establishing ourselves online, it feels like it’s time to enhance our content on the web too – and that’s where this site comes in!

The Write Lifestyle

I think the new name expresses our philosophy well too – that writing should be a major part of your lifestyle! Whadd’ya think?

And because you asked for it – back issues of the magazine are now available online! (Yay!) You no longer have to be an email subscriber to read the magazine (though we’d love that), so feel free to share the issues directly with your friends and anyone else. We’ll continue to publish bi-monthly with mini issues in between.

You can see what’s new HERE, and if there’s anything you think is missing, I’d love to hear it.

The Write Lifestyle is now your one-stop shop for writing inspiration and getting your writing and publishing from an idea to DONE! I’ve got two manuscripts on the go right now, and there are ups and downs in my writing world, just like there is for all of us. So, I’m very much on this journey with you and I’m excited to spend a writing-packed summer with you through this new site and in the magazine.

Thanks for your support as always. I adore you, reader!  :)

– Laura

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