The Best Writing Apps to Fire Up Your Writing

So many great writing apps and so little time. With all the great choices, how is a writer to know which will fuel her writing or simply eat into valuable scribe time? Here are a few of our favorites to help you get the most out of today’s many offerings.



Day One (Free) – This is a journal/diary app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac which the more I use it, the more I love it. I am particular about journals and was skeptical that any app could meet my needs until I found this one. It’s a breeze to use, allows for social sharing, or just for your eyes only. It’s powerful and pretty – exactly how I like my writing!



Writing App (2.99, iOS) – This app truly makes writing on your iPhone or iPad a joy instead of a cumbersome chore. Choose themes, fonts, and don’t worry about saving your hard earned words as it does that for you automatically. The ease and customization of this app will keep your fingers happily writing.



Contour ($49.95) – While this app may have a hefty price tag, it has the muscle to back it up and is any screenwriter’s new best friend. Using a fill-in-the-blanks and intuitive approach, Contour guides you as to what elements need to be in your story outline. It even includes several blockbuster scripts to show you a breakdown of how it can work for you. PLUS – readers of The Write Lifestyle get a hefty discount with this discount CODE: AFFLE5. Apply it here at checkout here:


Ommwriter ($4.99, Mac, PC, and iPad) – Looking for a distraction free writing environment? Aren’t we all. Ommwriter is at the ready and to your rescue. Providing a nice quiet spot for you toengage your ideas and characters in a peaceful, zen-like zone, it truly lives up to it’s name.


Editorial ($6.99, iOS) – If you are looking for a plain text editor with Markdown that is powerful, yet simple, Editorial has you covered. Designed to make writing on iOS efficient, the one-tap outline let’s you jump between sections of your document and check the current word count. It also easily syncs with Dropbox.



Write On! ($0.99, iOS only) – I might be a little biased (grin), but I adore this app. I love waking up to a new kick-ass piece of writing advice everyday. In less than a minute, I’m inspired to get my butt in a chair and work on my craft. This is a must have.

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Written by Woz! A big part of The Write Lifestyle’s iddy biddy team. 

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