How to Build a Successful Career as a Self-Published Author with Sean Platt

Time for another interview from the
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In this video, I chat with author Sean Platt.

Sean Platt

Write, Publish, Repeat


Sean Platt is the author of children’s books (under the name Guy Incognito), and together with his co-authors Johnny Truant and David Wright, he’s written several series for adults. He also hosts the self-publishing podcast, a great show for anyone wanting to know the latest developments in indie publishing!

His recent book (co-written with Johnny Truant and David Wright) is called Write. Publish. Repeat: The No-Luck Guide to Self-Publishing Success.

It’s a brilliant, no-nonsense view of self-publishing that focuses on long-term and sustainable strategies rather than tactics and short-cuts that don’t work. And that’s exactly what we talk about in this video interview: how self-published writers can build a sustainable, future-proof career.

Sean Platt Self Publishing Podcast

Some highlights of our interview include:

1. How to create books your readers will love
2. Understanding your readership / market (and your ideal reader)
3. The important details – covers, titles, formatting, price etc.
4. Sean scored a traditionally published deal with Amazon Serials and he talks about his experience there vs. his self-publishing experience

Check it out here!:


Find Sean online at, and on Twitter @SeanPlatt


Tweet: “I treat my writing like a day job b/cos it’s how I feed my family. The smarter I work, the better we eat.” @SeanPlatt

Tweet: “People do judge a book by its cover, always have, always will!” @SeanPlatt rocking it as a self-published author

Tweet: Find out how @SeanPlatt is building a loyal audience of readers through self-publishing


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One thought on “How to Build a Successful Career as a Self-Published Author with Sean Platt

  1. Great interview! Sean is one of the indie authors I admire the most. The Self- Publishing podcast is so funny! He, Dave and Jhonny give real good advices.

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