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10 Words and Phrases You Might Be Saying Wrong

10 Words Phrases Saying Wrong

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18 thoughts on “10 Words and Phrases You Might Be Saying Wrong

  1. I do all of them right! Wahoo, gold star! These kill me, especially “I could care less.” Which reminds me — some people say exspecially.

    Another one that kills me is acrosst. I went acrosst the mountain. Really? It’s just across people!

    Or just the mix up of then and than.

  2. Yay, smarty pants! :D
    Yes, the extra x’s and t’s and so on. “Aks” instead of ask. Maybe that’s just regional though? Not sure.

  3. It bothers me SO much when someone says “eXpecially” instead of especially. I had a roommate that did it and used the incorrect word ALL THE TIME!!!

  4. How about the title? “wrongly” or “incorrectly” are possibilities. “wrong” is not an adverb. That said, I do share in the frustration on most of these. “Excetera”, “Ambliance”, “Libary”, “realitor” and “nucular” are a few others that grind my gears.

  5. I’m from the south, so I have the privilege of hearing “chester drawers” instead of chest of drawers. I’ve even seen people write it as “chester.”

  6. Ok – here goes:
    Alternate instead of alternative – yes, they have two every different meanings,
    What instead of who,
    Span instead of spun,
    Bit instead of bitten,
    Knit instead of knitted,
    Fit instead of fitted,
    Spit instead of spat,
    Forbid instead of forbade,
    Pretty much all the present tense verbs used instead of past tense verbs,
    and some others that I can’t think of right now.
    I may return when I remember them. :-)

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