What a Literary Agent Wants! With Rachelle Gardner

And it’s time for my final superstar…!

Rachelle Gardner

Rachelle Gardner is a literary agent with Books and Such Literary Agency, representing a broad spectrum of fiction and nonfiction and more than 100 contracted books since 2008. Rachelle has made a name from both her agenting skills, as well as her generosity to the writer community.

Rachelle offers readers of her blog, 7 Writing and Publishing Superstar interviews with a bang!

In this 20 minute interview, we talk about:

– The fact that agents are not gatekeepers; they’re real people on the look out for the next great book!

– A great book is obviously subjective, but are there certain things Rachelle and other agents look out for? Should it be completely finished? Edited and proofread?

– Dos and Don’ts when writing the query

– Recommendations for how writers should connect with agents at conferences

– Meeting agents online and how to interact w/o being pushy

– How long should one query for before embarking on a plan B.

Watch the video (or bookmark it for your lunch break!) here:

More about Rachelle Gardner:

Rachelle Gardner on Twitter

Rachelle shares information with writers, both at conferences and through her popular blog rachellegardner.com. You can also find her tweeting tons of useful info @RachelleGardner, and interacting on Facebook.


Tweet: On the query letter: “Keep it simple, good grammar, makes us want to read the book.” @RachelleGardner http://ctt.ec/079A2+

Tweet: “Specify if your books are self-published in your query. Not “published on http://ctt.ec/IOn95+ via Agent @RachelleGardner http://ctt.ec/wQ6Ke+

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